On the Books: Preface

Why money matters in the world of words

Publishing has a problem. It’s a money problem.

Most people think the problem is that there isn’t any money in publishing. And that’s not wholly wrong. But I think the biggest issue is really who gets the money, how they get it, and how much of it they get.

I believe that talking about money, gauche as it is, is the most important step to fixing the myriad problems facing the various writing and publishing related industries. Many writers and publishers see the problems I’ll be talking about but don’t know where to start fixing them. I see these problems and I have a few ideas about where to begin.

So who am I?

I’ve been working at the intersection of money and words for well over a decade, at a literary agency, independent publishing house, and currently as the Senior Director of Publishing at Kickstarter, where I’ve been helping writers and publishing folks raise money for the past five years.

I’m working on a book about the subject of money and publishing, but while I’m writing and researching, I want to create and be part of conversation on the subject, which is why I’ve launched this newsletter.

The world changes so fast, it’s hard to form an intelligent response before the news cycle has moved on. So this might not always be precisely topical, and I’ll be experimenting with different formats. I’d love any feedback you have about what I write and how I share it. You can also follow me on Twitter, where I share articles and cool Kickstarter campaigns.

Til next time…

Margot Atwell