The Next Page

Collaboratively creating the future of publishing

Publishing has an innovation problem. Well, publishing has a lot of problems, and innovation is one of them.

I have spent the last five years deep-diving into the intersection of money and publishing, and I’ve spoken to hundreds of publishers, journalists, magazines, fiction writers, comics creators, booksellers, literary agents, and more. Through this exploration, I’ve seen that various people, companies, and slices of publishing have solved some of the most pressing issues that others are facing. But the various parts of publishing are siloed into separate businesses, and within those silos, varying levels of money and access create different levels of awareness of these. There really aren’t many events that invite book publishers and comics creators and booksellers and journalists to be in the same room (literally or figuratively) to talk about the challenges associated with writing, publishing, and connecting that work with an audience.

Publishing is also a very insider-y business. Often, one has to know the right person to even get invited into the rooms where important conversations are taking place. This is a major problem which keeps publishing exclusive at a time that it’s more important than ever for the books and media we read to represent the whole broad range of human experience.

My aim with creating The Next Page is to create real, innovative conversations across these writing and publishing silos so we can share ideas about how to do things better. And I want to make sure that as many people can be part of these conversations as possible.

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The people who will be speaking at this event are some of the brightest lights in the publishing and media world, and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about what we can all be doing better.

I hope you’ll join us on May 11th, or sign up to get notified when we post the videos to the conversations if you aren’t available on that date.

And as always, I invite you to email me or reach out to me on Twitter if you are inspired to. I love hearing about new ideas in the publishing space.